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Juniors age 7-15. All skill levels are welcome to participate. 3, 6, or 9 hole league available with weekly instruction before play. Golfers will be grouped by age and skill level. Fee for 3, 6 & 9 hole league is $200.
Our bodies are wired to see things as level. Your subconscious likes flat. Unfortunately, this internal gyroscope is causing you to mis-aim your putter at address, spoiling your good reads (when you make them).
The Authorized Performance Center at Troon North is one of nine Callaway Performance Centers in the United States. We offer dynamic clubfitting using the best technology in the business to evaluate your equipment and your game. Add to your golf experience at Troon North by having your group experience the Callaway Performance Center first hand. We offer several opportunities to experience the best fitting experience in the country.
Joe Mayo (also known as Trackman Maestro on Twitter) is the director of instruction at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas Nevada. He has also become one of the most significant resources for swing instruction online. Joe challenges all of the commonly-held beliefs about the golf swing through his work with Trackman, and has one of the more unique of communicating the golf swing that I’ve ever seen. You can check out some of his in-depth videos on his Vimeo channel here.
Then, simply react to the position on the dial. For example, if you see your ball falling into the cup at eight o’clock, focus on that edge of the hole as you settle into your address position, then smoothly let that line guide your stroke. If your mind’s eye sees the putt entering the cup at four o’clock, then focus only on four o’clock.
1) Eyes Have It Drill: Attempt three long putts, a minimum of 50 feet. If you follow the norm, most of your attempts will come up short. Try the same putt, but this time look at your target during the entire motion. Odds are you’ll hit these putts past the hole. The reason is that your eyes have an uncanny way of communicating feel to your body. This is a great drill that leads to a good pre-stroke routine in which you look at the target during your practice motions until you’re confident of your stroke’s power.
Here is a great golf swing slow motion video of the best golf players. They are Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Kevin Kisner, Jordan Spieth, Louis Oosthuizen, Nick Watney and Phil Mickelson. You will learn a lot golf swing tricks from this video.
* My Library: all registered users can film their swings or upload existing swing video from their smartphones and label each video with detail re: camera view, club used, ball flight and ball trajectory. Users can search and filter their library by any of these criteria as well as by upload date. Browse your library to study your swing or submit videos for swing analysis when subscribed to one of our affordable subscription plans.
Golf instruction may be augmented by training aids such as specially weighting or jointed clubs, putting cups for practice on the den room carpet, mini practice tees with feedback for use in garages, et cetera. Some training aids are sold via television infomercials and the more peculiar varieties were satirized in the 1996 film Tin Cup.
Could be a push putt or spin putt. Straddled legs with a hip thrust limits the number of moving joints and reduces side to side movement to greatly improve consistency. Squaring up to the basked can reduce power and distance and may take time to get used to.
Certainly, other things come into play such as your competitive instinct and the pleasure of a couple of drinks at the 19th hole, but overall, golf gives you RELAXATION in an otherwise demanding dog-eat-dog world.
Normally one camera is enough to put your average tour player off, so how do you think they would fair with 60 going off during a bunker shot? As part of their stand at Muirfield Nikon set up 60 Nikon D800 SLR cameras to create a 3D image of your bunker swing.
This team has been providing affordable golf lessons in Bedford for 3 years. ROB provides golf lessons for kids and adults. This instructor is among the professional golfers who also offer swimming lessons for kids and adults.
Doug is a regular contributor to Golf Tips Magazine and is recognized as one of their Top 30 instructors.  Doug is also a 3-time GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game award winner, and has been nominated for Southwest Section Teacher of the Year.
Taking lessons simply makes learning the game much easier, and improvement in your play takes place much quicker. Which will increase your enjoyment. Not to mention the safety of those around you on the golf course!
Grip the putter any way you like, as long as it doesn’t hinder your left hand’s role in the stroke. But make sure to grip the club in your fingers. The shaft should run up the lifeline of your left hand for clubface control, but your fingers must contact the grip. You can drop the right forefinger down the shaft, but don’t steer with it. Forget about what your palms are doing. Fingers equal feel.
I have been a PGA Member since 1991. I have had the title of Director of Instruction or Teaching Professional for more than 20 years. I am currently the Director of Instruction  at Radnor Valley Country Club which is a private Country Club located in Villanova PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. I conduct private lessons for men, women and juniors of all abilities. I use the V1 Digital Coaching System for video anylasis as well as the Flightscope launch monitor. I have also designed, promoted and conducted Short Game Schools, Ladies Beginner Clinics. Junior Clinics, Junior Golf Camp as well as
If you want to improve your game, golf lessons are a great option. Your instructor will teach you proper techniques. You will learn how to grip a club, how to swing correctly, and what a good stance entails. It is important to correct any errors before they become a habit and you have to relearn how to play. Golf lessons allow you to learn the right way the first time.
The most common advice we hear is to find something that feels comfortable and putt with it. That advice works at first, but you should begin to determine what features you like and dislike about a putter and try something that may cover those weaknesses. For instance, you may find that the Discmania P2 has too deep of a rim for your liking, so you can search for something a little shallower like the Westside Shield. Or perhaps you like the Gateway Wizard but want something with less glide, so we’d direct you to the Kastaplast Reko. Remember, we’re here to help. We’ll be working to review putters and provide a database for your selection criteria.
Rather than letting golfers just starting out swing and swing to eventually develop a comfortable swing that sends the ball straight, we recommend starting with beginner golf swing plane training. To help train new golfers to follow the swing plane, PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells demonstrates a simple three-step beginner golf swing drill that warms golfers progressively into a natural swing that’s on plane.
There is not a better gift for your group than a new Callaway Golf Club, especially if it is custom built for them. Callaway produces the best equipment in golf. Give your group the gift of a new Callaway driver or wedge, or even an Odyssey Putter.
Focused exclusively on developing your short game technique by learning the shots and understanding the strategies that form the basis for improved scoring. Our program includes comprehensive coverage of chipping, green side pitch shots, distance wedge shots, sand play, putting technique and green reading skills.  Each student will go through a complete short game fitting by a certified Titleist Club Fitter.  Our goal is to provide you with the best wedges, specifications and loft selection to optimize your short game performance. This series consists of three (3) one hour sessions and is limited to four (4) students.  Practice balls are included. Fee is $90.
Once you’ve achieved the correct swing path, rotating your forearms and hands correctly will give you the shot shape you’re looking for (straight or even a soft draw). This drill helps you with correct arm and hand rotation…
2. “Walk” off the distance with your stroke. From the side of the putt, point your putter at the ball, then pass it over an imaginary line running from the ball to the cup at the same speed you want the putt to roll (above). Moving your putterhead from the ball to the hole at the proper speed when you’re calculating distance helps your brain move your arms and putter with the correct amount of energy when you putt the ball for real. Yes, you can do this by simply scanning your eyes over the line, but studies prove that using your eyes and hands in tandem enhances brain performance much more than using only your eyes.
As a beginner, you may be unfamiliar with all the rules of golf. Attending beginner’s lessons will give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the various aspects of the game. You will learn how to keep score, the different types of courses, and the length of the average game, among other aspects.
His formative years were spent in several private golf clubs in England whilst studying for his British PGA qualification. During his 20’s he spent several years playing on the MasterCard/Challenge Tour and Euro Tour.

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