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In a standard golf club set, you will find irons ranging from 1 to 9, but most sets have irons ranging from 3 to 9. A 3, 4 and 5 iron are typically quite difficult to hit, especially if you are a beginner. This is because the sole of these clubs are narrower than the higher irons, making it hard to get under the ball. The golf industry has solved this problem with the introduction of hybrids, which replace lower number irons. Irons vary in loft from the lower irons in the late teens to the higher irons which have loft as high as 50 degrees. Irons are designed to help you slice through thick lies because of their narrow sole and higher lofts, compared to woods. Normally, irons are played off the ground (fairway or rough), however; in the case of par 3s, players can use a tee to make it easier to get under the ball. The best irons for beginners have a large offset of the club face from the shaft. This means the club face is set back off the shaft and helps starter players get under the ball. You should also look for a wide sole and dispersed weighting system to increase the sweet spot.
Green Reading (5 Minutes) In order to get aligned correctly, a player must know where he or she is trying to aim, then get the putterface and body in the proper positions. Start each practice session by practicing green reading. Here are some keys to learning to read greens.
His website is an interesting collection of articles and podcasts that any golfer who is looking to improve should check out. Everything is based in research, and they’ve done a great job aggregating some of the latest information relevant to players who are looking for online golf instruction.
So how can you, the novice golfer, move from the awkward early phase to the next level, where you routinely get the ball airborne, finish holes without picking up and hit numerous shots every round that bring you back for more?
If you really want to perfect your through stroke, try putting in a normal position, but with your eyes closed. Think you will miss the ball? I very much doubt it, but what you will find is that if you watch the ball roll after the stroke has finished, you will see the rolls perfectly straight – why? You stroked through it and not at it, because your eyes were closed you never knew when to hit and only created a putting stroke.
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Recreational golfers are constantly seeking tips on how to improve, and the major golf publications such as Golf Magazine and Golf Digest devote substantial portions of their pages to instructional material of various kinds, often written by top-level instructors. Even television broadcasts of professional golf tournaments often contain short instructional segments, delivered by commentators who are also instructors such as Peter Kostis.
Certainly, other things come into play such as your competitive instinct and the pleasure of a couple of drinks at the 19th hole, but overall, golf gives you RELAXATION in an otherwise demanding dog-eat-dog world.
Andy begins by pointing out that the object is to hit the ball in a reasonably straight line, but that a lot of beginners think that in that case the swing should be directly behind the ball and follow through in a straight line. However, that is not the case. The club does not travel in a straight line, but in an arc. The club is raised behind the golfer’s body so it is not directly behind the ball. As the swing commences it travels down the first part of the arc and – it is to be hoped – connects with the ball at exactly the point where it will send it in the direction we want, and then continues in its arc finishing up above the golfer’s left shoulder (or right, in the case of a left-handed player).
It’s not always convenient to visit a certified PGA teaching professional …So GOLF INFO GUIDE brings them to you. Our golf videos series feature golf tips and advice from highly respected pros, explaining and demonstrating key swing techniques, making it easy to learn and improve from the comfort of your home or office.
Tossing the putter with as little spin as possible by flicking with supporting fingers and snapping at the hips. Less spin helps to keep the putter flight pure and on a straight line as well as reduce chain spit-outs and less wrist movement helps with consistency. Doesn’t feel as natural and is more difficult to putt from long distances.
The rhythm of your putting stroke should always stay the same. You’d have the same rhythm for short 3 feet putts as you would for long 30 feet putts – the length of your putting stroke will determine the distance you hit each putt.
Mark Crossfield has done something interesting with his YouTube channel. He has managed to combine online golf instruction with fun, and he has grown a loyal audience of more than 200,000 golfers who tune in weekly to his shows, course vlogs, club reviews, and instructional videos. His information is cutting edge and there is plenty to learn from him. Most importantly, his videos are fun to watch because he truly cares about golfers and their enjoyment of the game.
The best beginner golf clubs have larger club faces, which makes it easy to hit the the ball and provides more forgiveness for mishits (i.e. when one strikes the ball on the toe or heel of the club). In terms of irons, beginner sets should have a decent offset and a wide sole. This makes it easier to get under the ball and launch it for a higher trajectory.

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