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This online academy gives you the ability to learn and build a swing from virtually anywhere. These professionally designed courses – aka Development Plans (because that’s what I want you to do.. ‘develop’ your game) were built entirely with you the golfer in mind. All courses are included when you become a member and can be used in conjunction with over 100 videos, The System to learn the real basics to play the game well, Coaches Corner, My Lessons page, plus member discounts on lessons and deals on other products.
Par 3 courses are great to develop your understanding of the game and your course management skills. You’ll spend less time looking for golf balls and you’ll begin to hone those all-important short-game skills
The head size of your golf clubs is important, particularly when choosing woods. Generally the larger the head size the larger the sweet spot. Therefore clubs which are oversized are generally very good for beginners as they are much more forgiving than small or mid head sized clubs. That being said, you don’t want the head size of our clubs to be too big, as this can make it difficult to control the ball. For example, senior golfers who generally don’t generate a lot of club head speed would benefit from oversized heads, whereas a beginner who still have many years under his belt would want to go for a mid to large head size. In practical terms we recommend drivers with a head sized of 450 to 460 cc. Irons should have a larger face and a deeper cavity at the back of the club. If you look at the head of irons used by top players you will notice four things: 1. the sole of the club is relatively narrow, as a beginner you want a wider sole. 2. The face of the club is relatively small with a tight sweet spot, as a starter golfer you want a larger face with a wider sweet spot to cater for mishits. 3. The cavity at the back of the club is usually very shallow, with some irons being total blades (see cast vs forged irons below), as a beginner you want a deeper cavity to disperse the weight to the perimeter of the club. And 4. Better players use irons with very little offset of the club head from the shaft, as a intermediate or beginner you want a good amount of offset to make it easier to launch the ball off the ground.
The object is for players to reduce the value of the cards in front of them by either swapping them for lesser value cards or by pairing them up with cards of equal rank and trying to get the lowest score. The highest score loses the game and the lowest score wins the game. A total of 10 games are played.
Graduated from St. Johns University in Manhattan in 2015 on a full ride for golf and academics. Ive grown up in Atlanta and have been grateful to learn and become very close with some of the best Players in the country that grew up here as well. I have full aspirations of earning a professional tour card in September and the main goal has been to keep a club in my hand. Im very great with kids and young adults but i would be happy to help and teach anyone.  https://www.instagram.com/boombotsa/
What actually makes choosing a set of golf clubs hard is the fact that there are just so many types and designs of golf clubs and all have different features which you have to consider before making that final decision. I hope the information and recommendations above have helped you make an informed decision. Below I have set out a few more considerations to take into account when choosing your beginner or intermediate level golf clubs.
Making the Choice: After these steps, you should be ready to make your choice. It’s important that you choose an instructor whose personality meshes with yours. Going to a teacher you don’t like will keep you from learning. It’s important that an instructor’s goals match yours, and that your commitment matches your goals. Once you’ve made your choice, throw yourself into it – and watch your scores golf is about scoring. The skills include developing a reliable shot pattern, making good decisions on the course, and not wasting strokes around the greens. With our newest video curriculum, you can get an upgrade in all of these areas—and watch your scores drop.
With over 10 years experience providing golf lessons on the Main Line, Master Teaching Professional Grant Griffiths offers both indoor and outdoor golf lessons. Any skill level and age welcome. Expertise in junior golf and ladies golf. If you’ve never walked 9 holes or you’re preparing for a tournament, Grant Griffiths has the expertise and credentials to offer the best lesson at affordable pricing.
Does your golf swing need a little fine tuning? Whether you have never set foot on a golf course before, or you are a pro hoping to shave a couple points off your par, professional golf lessons can help you progress toward the ultimate golfing success.
4. Put into practice the square to square putting method.  With this easy tactic to use the putter, the blade is going to travel directly back, hitting the ball squarely at impact, and finishing at the hole.  As with each technique in the game, the more basic they are, the more consistent you may become.
I think most beginner golfers are concerned most about not embarrassing themselves – which is why they focus on improving their drives and iron play. But as soon as you feel reasonably competent with your full golf swing, I encourage you to spend as much time as possible on your short game.
My favorite moment when I teach golf is watching a player ‘get it’.  They turn the instruction into action and all of a sudden they hit the ball better than they ever have before.  The swing looks different, the impact of the club on the ball sounds different and the ball flight is certainly different. The sense of pride and satisfaction on the player’s face is a wonderful moment to witness.
Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and combined with the internet finding a good website is a must. I have put together a list of the 15 top golf websites that deliver on the latest news, golf instruction online, products and blogging. If you’re a golf fan like me and want to know everything that’s going on in the world of golf, check this out.
Beginner Golf Basics – Part 1 is the first in a series of four videos, also by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, and starts right at the beginning by defining the various parts of a golf club – the grip, the shaft, the club head, the face, and the leading edge.

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  1. By combining proven instructional expertise, a personalized training approach and superior technology, Marriott Golf Academy offers a menu of golf instruction and custom club fitting programs designed to help you reach your full potential.
    New golfers can start out by taking group lessons at first. Group lessons are less expensive than private lessons, and beginners can learn the basic grip, setup and swing in a group setting. Some people find it comfortable and motivating to learn with others of a similar level. As an added bonus, group lessons can introduce you to other golfers who might become your golfing partners when you are ready to try out your newly learned golf skills on the course.
    The six golf lesson package is when you will really start to see some serious improvements in your game. It will build off of everything you learn in the introductory package and work on the full swing through all the clubs in your bag. You will begin working on the longer irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and driver.

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