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However, how do you know which are the best golf clubs for you? There are golf clubs with steel shafts and golf clubs with graphite shafts (much more expensive, but lighter in weight). There are big headed golf clubs, cavity back golf clubs, and many more.
I often see players attempting to control the distance they hit the ball on the green through the speed of the stroke, but this will not deliver the best consistency. So engage the big muscles, turn around your spine and let the length of the stroke dictate distance.
Few things in golf are more frustrating that discovering you ball is plugged in a bunker. In this video, Justin Rose explains a different approach to the traditional method of playing a plugged bunker shot.
My hope is to make Practical Golf one of the leading resources that golfers can go to for honest information, but I’m not the only one out there with this goal. Here are other resources that I have learned from personally, and I believe you can too.
This question was first raised in our recent “Yo, GolfWRX?” episode, leading to a number of responses on Facebook — some better than others. So, for this week’s Two Guys Talkin’ Golf episode, equipment expert Brian Knudson and Editor Andrew Tursky discuss their top-3 sneaker picks to turn into golf shoes. Also, they discuss Tiger Woods’ reported club head speed of 128.4 mph, and whether that’s even possible.
One of the benefits of taking golf lessons is having access to someone that can mentor you. Whether you stay in touch with your instructor or not, they can give you valuable contacts and resources. You may want to ask them about good courses and the best times of day to start playing. Your instructor’s vast knowledge can help you during your golf lessons and in your future games.
We specialize in player development, focused practice techniques and game like training for juniors and adults alike. Using techniques and training learned from the greatest athletes and performance researchers in the world, I help you create a successful learning environment where and reach your desired performance levels. MATT DAVIS Owner/Director of Instruction Coach Davis is originally from Australia where he excelled at junior and amateur golf. Following a move to the USA he competed at the college level at USC-Aiken and Lenoir-Rhyne University before making the move to the professional
I have been an avid and competitive golfer from the age of 9. I had a fruitful junior, amateur, and collegiate golf career. I played golf for bishop shanahan high school where I was the MVP multiple years, made all area, all district, and all state each year. I played in the State PIAA golf championship 3 years in a row with good finishes. In addition to high school golf my junior career took shape on multiple national junior golf tours. I played on the AJGA, IJGT, PJGT, and the list goes on. I received an honorary membership at downingtown county club. I also participated in local golf associ
  If you watch a good chipper you’ll see that their backswing and follow through are similar sizes. You see a lot of golfers who struggle with chipping making big backswings with little follow through or the opposite, making a small backswing and over accelerating into the ball. A balanced chip shot swing leads to good tempo and makes it easier to deliver the clubface solidly on the back of the ball. It also reduces the desire to “hit” the ball when chipping. Good chippers make a smooth balanced swing and let the ball get in the way. Make some practice strokes with your chipping club and feel the club moving back and forth in nice balanced and smooth motion. Do this without a ball until you get the feeling then add the golf ball. The goal with the ball is the maintain that same balance and tempo. This will lead to solid shots and better distance control.
Our bodies are wired to see things as level. Your subconscious likes flat. Unfortunately, this internal gyroscope is causing you to mis-aim your putter at address, spoiling your good reads (when you make them).
There’s another option that’s even cheaper. Check with any local colleges. Many community colleges and universities offer continuing education courses, and golf is a popular course in such programs. Many school districts also offer continuing or adult education programs, and taking golf lessons through this method can reduce your costs considerably.
Take the time to practice your pre-shot routine, establish a consistent ball-striking technique off the sweet spot, and if you need some extra help then check out our Putting Practice Drills for specific shots.
Par 3 courses are great to develop your understanding of the game and your course management skills. You’ll spend less time looking for golf balls and you’ll begin to hone those all-important short-game skills
The fact that setting up correctly can seem so obvious and even a little mundane, is probably why many amateur golfers completely overlook it. But if you fail to check your setup position on a regular basis (every time you practice isn’t a bad idea) it’s so easy to adopt bad habits.
A comprehensive Game Plan includes all the elements necessary for serious improvement. Every GOLFTEC Game Plan starts with a Swing Evaluation and includes a series of lessons with your GOLFTEC Certified Personal Coach, TECFIT club fitting and video-based practice.
This putting tip is easy, but often overlooked. Once you have decided on a putting style and a line to the basket, commit! Make up your mind and don’t change while you’re in the process of putting. If you become unsure, step back and re-evaluate.
Normally one camera is enough to put your average tour player off, so how do you think they would fair with 60 going off during a bunker shot? As part of their stand at Muirfield Nikon set up 60 Nikon D800 SLR cameras to create a 3D image of your bunker swing.
Learn to play like one of your favorite professional golf players with the help of Kat Schwendeman. This company will do golf swing training. This coach is patient with his students and uses effective methods as well.
Alignment is one of those 4 pillars. If you don’t align perfectly every time, the only time you’ll hit a good putt is when you get lucky with a mis-hit or your body compensates (like in the full swing, your subconscious tells your body it needs to make compensatory movements for poor alignment). But none of us want to rely on this as this doesn’t allow for consistent improvement. We all need to know we’re consistently aligned to the target and this putting tip will show you how important it is and what you can do to achieve it.
You can build your swing around these elements by following the videos below. They break the golf swing down into different stages and then give you a series of checkpoints for you to work on at home.
I work people from age 6 to 76 and all skill levels from beginners to scratch golfers.  There is no substitute for experience, whatever your issue might be, I can solve it and get you back playing golf quickly.
Cost Individual FixYourGame.com video lessons are $25 each a series of five golf lessons is $75. The average price of a traditional golf lesson is $80. Where else can you get a complete golf lesson for less than the price of a dozen balls?
Ever found your ball lying on very bare, dry or hard ground around? It’s a tough shot and one that is often thinned through the green ending up further away than your started. Here are some tips for playing this type of shot…
I think most beginner golfers are concerned most about not embarrassing themselves – which is why they focus on improving their drives and iron play. But as soon as you feel reasonably competent with your full golf swing, I encourage you to spend as much time as possible on your short game.

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  1. In a standard golf club set, you will find irons ranging from 1 to 9, but most sets have irons ranging from 3 to 9. A 3, 4 and 5 iron are typically quite difficult to hit, especially if you are a beginner. This is because the sole of these clubs are narrower than the higher irons, making it hard to get under the ball. The golf industry has solved this problem with the introduction of hybrids, which replace lower number irons. Irons vary in loft from the lower irons in the late teens to the higher irons which have loft as high as 50 degrees. Irons are designed to help you slice through thick lies because of their narrow sole and higher lofts, compared to woods. Normally, irons are played off the ground (fairway or rough), however; in the case of par 3s, players can use a tee to make it easier to get under the ball. The best irons for beginners have a large offset of the club face from the shaft. This means the club face is set back off the shaft and helps starter players get under the ball. You should also look for a wide sole and dispersed weighting system to increase the sweet spot.
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