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Hello, my name is Adam and I have been in love with the game of golf since I was 5 years old. I want share my love of this beautiful game through helping people to play better. That’s what we are all after isn’t it?!? I carry a USGA handicap of 2.5 and have been playing competitively since middle school. I have been a caddy at Merion, Aronimink and many other of the biggest clubs in the country for 13 year. Golf is my life. I am on the course every day, and I know it inside and out. I’d love to meet you, and help you play better than you ever have before!
Golf instruction may be augmented by training aids such as specially weighting or jointed clubs, putting cups for practice on the den room carpet, mini practice tees with feedback for use in garages, et cetera. Some training aids are sold via television infomercials and the more peculiar varieties were satirized in the 1996 film Tin Cup.
Beginner sets also use shafts that are a little shorter in length as this makes it easier to control the club. A shorter shaft length however, does mean less distance. But as a beginner, consistency is more important.
Thanks Tom! Appreciate you reading. Alignment is without a doubt the biggest cause of missed putts vs poor technique, yet so many amateurs don’t want to practice it. For me it’s worth getting this right on the practice green and making the spot technique a habit. If all the best players in the world do it, it says something! I also wrote about eye dominance and why this is important in finding the spot in my latest article.
Hi my name is Oscar Flores I just to play professional Tournaments in Mexico, in the 70’s I am from Tijuana, Mexico, l Just to live crossing the street to the golf course, l played in the Junior Golf Assn. here in San Diego, in the Late 60’s l teach golf in Tijuana for several years. And I M here to teach people to play better golf.
This video covers the pre-shot routine. PGA professional Mike Bender explains why the routine is so important and how to develop one for yourself. He shows you from beginning to end the elements of a good pre-shot routine. You will learn what most amateurs do wrong with their routine and how many seconds a good pre-shot routine typically lasts.
  Many golfers struggle to pick the correct club for chip shots. They use too much loft which makes it tougher to make solid contact, brings backspin into play, and makes judging the roll difficult. Or they use too little loft which makes it difficult to land the ball on the green and easy to hit the shot too hard. The goal of a chip shot should be to land the ball just on the green and let it roll to the hole. Rolling a ball provides better distance control than carrying it in the air. The ball should be landed on the green though as it provides the best surface and most consistent bounce. Focus your club selection on the PW, 9, and 8 irons (keep the sand and lob wedges in the bag for shots that require more loft to land the shot on the edge of the green). Using a combination of these 3 clubs for chipping will provide a good balance of height and roll. It will also reduce your choices simplifying the club selection process. So stop throwing away shots around the green. Use the 3 chipping tips the next time you practice or play and you’ll see more up and downs and less frustration with your chip shots.  
  Tell me if this sounds familiar. You hit a great drive down the middle of the fairway and nice approach shot just off the edge of the green. You then proceed to mishit the chip and leave yourself a 10 footer for par that you miss. Meanwhile your buddy hits it in the trees off the tee, scrapes his second shot out, and then gets up and down from 40 yards for par beating you on the hole. Makes you want to pull your hair out right? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. With a few simple adjustments you can start hitting more solid chip shots that end up closer to the hole and give you a better chance to save par. Here are 3 easy ways to improve your chip shots:
Are you thinking about taking up golf? Keen to get out on the golf course and start whacking that little white ball? Don’t rush out onto the golf course just yet, you need to consider getting some beginner golf lessons before you get started. Golf unlike a lot of other sports is difficult to master even for the most talented athlete. Whilst your enthusiasm and courage will go a long way to becoming a better golfer, it will only take you so far.
Coronado Municipal Golf Course is a very popular course only five minutes south of downtown and is very walkable, laid out on flat terrain in an affluent neighborhood around the famed Hotel del Coronado. Built in 1957, it is regarded as one of the best public golf courses in the nation.
If you watch your playing partners or pros on TV, see what happens. First the back stroke, then the through the ball stroke and then their finish. Yes – what about the finish? Normally the club head recoils. Try having a practice putting stroke where the finish is held still. This will give you a different feel – more positive – I’m in control!!
On a personal note, Micheal has had the opportunity to play and caddy for/with many members of the Dallas Stars and Cowboys. Cricket was his passion growing up, playing in representative teams at state and national levels. He came to Texas to play minor league hockey, but now is staying to play Topgolf! 
I’m Al Owens, PGA Member for 25 years, TPI level 3 Expert, Nike Grey Institute Biomechanics certified professional. Previously Lead Master Instructor for PGA Tour Academy. Taught over 15,000 lessons. Published best selling author, lecturer, award winning teacher in IL, FL, IN, CA and #1 Teacher in Indianapolis, IN. I coach passionate golfers how to create a great  swing and master their mindset to insure they play to their potential  every time they tee it up. Because when a golfer has a solid belief in their ability to swing the club correctly AND the  proper mindset to pl
We can’t promise we’ll make your putting the object of such flowery praise, or that we’ll make you into the next Ben Crenshaw or Jack Nicklaus. But here are 10 tips from various golf experts on how to improve your skills.
I have already talked about the importance of engaging the bigger muscles to control the swing. If you can do this then all you need to do to hit the ball further is make a slightly bigger swing, master it and you’ll be far better at lag putting.
Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and combined with the internet finding a good website is a must. I have put together a list of the 15 top golf websites that deliver on the latest news, golf instruction online, products and blogging. If you’re a golf fan like me and want to know everything that’s going on in the world of golf, check this out.
Hello! Our Groupon Get Into Golf Clinics will begin on Thursday, October 5, 2017.   Clinics will be available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 4:00 PM through May 31, 2018.  To be eligible to attend, you must have a valid, non-expired Groupon that must be presented at the first clinic.  Clinic topics are listed below and will be available to book at 4:00 PM exactly 7 days in advance of the clinic date. Classes are limited to 12 participants, so sign up early to guarantee your spot.  We will repeat this program several times and offer plenty of clinics for all who have purchased.  If you are having trouble booking or simply have questions, please email

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  1. I don’t typically leave reviews, but my experience with Frank has been nothing short of excellent! I tried to figure out golf on my own, but could have saved so much time by just taking a few golf lessons with Frank. He makes learning the game fun. Do yourself a favor and call him!

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