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Does your golf swing need a little fine tuning? Whether you have never set foot on a golf course before, or you are a pro hoping to shave a points off your par, professional golf lessons can help you progress toward the ultimate golfing success.
Mark Immelman wears several hats in the golf world. He’s an on-course commentator for the PGA Tour, a college coach, and a swing instructor. He is also the host of one of the best golf podcasts out there called On The Mark. Mark interviews some of the best minds in the golf world, and there are tons of lessons to learn from his interviews. I highly recommend listening to his extensive library of interviews. You’re going to learn a thing or two!
Once again taking into account the above factors, you should decide what line to throw your putter on and what style of putt to use. Will you be able to hit chains by directing your putter straight at the basket or will wind or obstacles force you to bend your putting line in an arc or s-curve?
Our 3 Day Academy is our most popular program, allowing students to experience everything Troon North has to offer in a long weekend.  Guests can choose from our Exclusive program or our Standard program.   The Exclusive program features instruction for 5 hours daily (typically 8:00 to 1:00), followed by lunch in the Dynamite Grille and 18 holes of golf at Troon North daily.  Over 3 days, guests will experience our complete short and long game instruction programs, detailed clubfitting in the Callaway Performance Center and Odyssey Putting Studio, and on course coaching. Video and Trackman Launch Monitor analysis is included in all programs.
Rather than letting golfers just starting out swing and swing to eventually develop a comfortable swing that sends the ball straight, we recommend starting with beginner golf swing plane training. To help train new golfers to follow the swing plane, PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells demonstrates a simple three-step beginner golf swing drill that warms golfers progressively into a natural swing that’s on plane.
Whilst it is important to get your upper body and balance position correct, one of the most crucial parts of your putting stroke is to understand is the positioning of the legs – actually your knees. Make a putting stroke and see what happens. Move did they? Why?
Ever had to play from wet and compact sand only to thin the ball through the side of the green and into a worse postion than when you started? This video lesson will prevent that from ever happening again…
Golf professional for 24 years.  I have been teaching golfers in South Jersey at various facilities.   I have taught every level of golfer from beginners to professionals.  Guaranteed improvement.  I have also competed professionally at every level,  from local events to the PGA TOUR.  
This program allows you to keep developing the important fundamentals that you’ve already learned as well as develop new course management skills and golf course etiquette. It’s important to keep developing your motor skills that ultimately will lead you to the “mastery of golf”.
“Jared is by far the best teacher I have had the opportunity to learn from. He very passionate, fun and very knowledgeable. I am in my sixties, and always wanted to learn to play. I am so thankful that I found Jared I look forward to my lessons. If you are searching for a good teacher, look no further, He is understanding compassionate and just a plan around good guy. Thanks Jared.”
Celebrate and discover memorable moments with friends, family, and co-workers. We’ll help you arrange a golf party for any special occasion. Choose a golf theme, setup fun competitions, or add a golf teaching professional to make your party a hit. With fun as our number one priority, every party at Play-a-Round Golf is an exciting experience.
Nick Gorman is a Certified Personal Coach and a PGA member, having graduated from the Campbell University PGM Program where he played college golf at the national level. Before joining GolfTEC, Nick worked at Medinah Country Club outside of Chicago and Nantucket Golf Club in Massachusetts.
Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and combined with the internet finding a good website is a must. I have put together a list of the 15 top golf websites that deliver on the latest news, golf instruction online, products and blogging. If you’re a golf fan like me and want to know everything that’s going on in the world of golf, check this out.
There’s no question that missing putts is the easiest way to put a bloated number on the scorecard. A great drive and a fantastic approach shot can be nullified by a couple of missed putts, and the next thing you know, you are putting a bogey or worse instead of a birdie or par. Sure, it’s frustrating, but like anything, to get better you have to practice.
3. Bring the putter back less.  This point is not only valid to end three putting, but in general to improve putting, and that’s to take the putter back a lesser distance, and speed up through the ball.  This permits for greater control of the putting stroke.  Increased control is gained through acceleration, versus trying to “feel” your path through impact.  This doesn’t just allow that you hit the golf ball cleaner, but additionally by bringing the putter back a smaller distance, you will have better chance of maintaining it on line throughout the putt.
Usually the most natural and the easiest to figure out the basics. Throw the putter with spin which helps stabilize the putter and shape your putting line. Can be less consistent than other styles because it requires movement from multiple joints on your body
The Internet is awash in golf instruction, much more than any sane person can digest. This has got to be tough on the golf magazines. They are the biggest traditional purveyors of golf tips, after teaching pros and that well-meaning guy at your club you try never to be paired with. But these days there are so many tips, lessons and swing analyses available online—most of them free, in high-def and searchable by topic—that waiting for a handful printed on paper to arrive in your mailbox each month seems quaint. Likewise buying an…
I have been teaching for 8 years, and have 10 plus years of tournament experience. My lessons cater to every player, young and old, beginner, advanced or anywhere in between! I will teach you based off of your own body mechanics, and not some generic swing thoughts, because everyone is built differently. 
Another thing that an intermediary target does is make you less likely to come out of your posture prematurely and look at the ball’s final target (the hole), which causes miss-hit putts. Staying over the ball until the ball has been hit over your spot will improve your ball striking leading to more consistent putts.

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  1. Graduated from Villanova in 2000 and has been in the golf business ever since. Previously worked at The Golf Course at Glen Mills, Chester Valley, and Edgmont. His true passion is teaching and has given over 7,500 lessons. Competes in section PGA.
    The object is for players to reduce the value of the cards in front of them by either swapping them for lesser value cards or by pairing them up with cards of equal rank and trying to get the lowest score. The highest score loses the game and the lowest score wins the game. A total of 10 games are played.
    Making the Choice: After these steps, you should be ready to make your choice. It’s important that you choose an instructor whose personality meshes with yours. Going to a teacher you don’t like will keep you from learning. It’s important that an instructor’s goals match yours, and that your commitment matches your goals. Once you’ve made your choice, throw yourself into it – and watch your scores improve.

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