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(11) www.PGATour.com – This is the premier site for everything that is going on the men’s US PGA tour. Whilst it does have some information on the other tours it predominately focuses on the main men’s tour as well as the web.com tour and US Seniors tour.
But first off, here are a few golf putting tips to work on to eradicate those niggling three-putts and bring your scores and handicap tumbling, while the drills will aid your putting technique if you put them into practice.
Nice article. However I must ask how can a golf coach possibly tell you what you are doing wrong without seeing your ball flight? I presume you notified the online golf coach of your bad shot and with that information the coach could link your ball flight with the adequate faults your swing.
The public golf course at Rancho Bernardo Inn has hosted both PGA and LPGA golf events. An 18-hole championship course originally opened in 1962 it features golf instruction and clinics run by PGA professionals. The course covers 425 acres and is located just 25 minutes northeast of downtown San Diego.
I am the Head Professional at The Springhaven Club with 14 years of teaching experience. I am a certified PGA golf professional, certified in golf operations, video technology, lauch monitor technology (FlightScope), club fitting (Mizuno & Titleist) and US kids certified coach and 2013 Assistant Golf Professional of the Year (Philadelphia PGA).  When playing at The Springhaven Club it is important to remember that length is not the key. Accuracy and course management rule the day for a golfer to play their best round. With 80+ bunkers, five holes with water hazards
The correct length putter is one that allows you to stand in a comfortable putting stance with your eyes directly over the ball. To see if your standard putter is the correct length, take your normal stance and grip your club. If your hands are down the shaft, the putter is too long, and if your hands are beyond the end, it’s too short. For a belly putter, take your stance with a standard putter and have an assistant measure from the butt end of the putter to your desired anchor point. Add this distance to the shaft’s length to get the correct belly putter length. For a long putter, take a comfortable, more upright stance, and have an assistant measure from your anchor point to the ball.
The Golf Academy Exclusively at Bent Creek – Bob Kramer is a nationally recognized PGA instructor for over 25 years, having earned the PGA Instructor of the Year and Golf Digest’s Award Winning Instructor. What Coach Kramer values most is his teaching and coaching relationships with his junior, amateur and professional students. Several clinics are offered at The Golf Academy, including personal instruction, junior academy, Golf School 101, winter instruction and short game schools and one-day member/guest clinics.
Brett emphasises that you need to find out what is the best type of club for your build, body type, and your game. He says that there is no point wasting money on expensive clubs until you know what is the best type for you.
Touch and Feel The problem with most players is that they focus too much on mechanics and contact and not enough on how much energy is needed to produce the correct distance. That’s putting touch. If yours is a little off, add the following three drills to your putting practice regimen.
Next up is a description of the body motion during the swing. Piers shows you how to practise this without a golf club. You put your arms around your front and “hug” yourself. Then you place the feet into the correct position as described earlier and “wind up” the body keeping the lower body stable. You then move your body towards the target and turn your body. The weight is now all on your lead leg and the other foot just has the toes in contact with the ground, the spikes of your shoes pointing away behind you. The right knee is “on top” of the left knee.
This online academy gives you the ability to learn and build a swing from virtually anywhere. These professionally designed courses – aka Development Plans (because that’s what I want you to do.. ‘develop’ your game) were built entirely with you the golfer in mind. All courses are included when you become a member and can be used in conjunction with over 100 videos, The System to learn the real basics to play the game well, Coaches Corner, My Lessons page, plus member discounts on lessons and deals on other products.
Golf Instruction – This video is about How To Get That Easy Swing With Effortless POWER! For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.
In your quest to master every sequence of the golf swing you will find that some areas give you more trouble than others. Golf drills give you practicing tips that will help you solve and master any specific part of the swing.
This Get Golf Ready Program is designed to teach you in five short lessons everything you’ll need to know to step onto a golf course and play with confidence. Lessons will include on-course activities guided by trained PGA Professionals who will make sure you have fun every step of the way.
One of the benefits of taking golf lessons is having access to someone that can mentor you. Whether you stay in touch with your instructor or not, they can give you valuable contacts and resources. You may want to ask them about good courses and the best times of day to start playing. Your instructor’s vast knowledge can help you during your golf lessons and in your future games.
As I have already covered in the section on drivers above, the best drivers have a large head size. Ranging from 440-460cc. I recommend you look for a driver with a head size greater than 440 cc. This will maximize the sweet spot and provide loads of forgiveness on mishits.
is a golf coach and golf publisher and lives in Washington DC. He is the founder of Golf State of Mind a teaching program designed to help golfers eliminate negative mental interference and play with confidence.
Most golf equipment companies make three styles of putters — standard, belly putter and the long putter. The putter’s length is important; it affects the distance and directional control of the ball, according to Ralph Maltby, golf equipment expert. To help select the correct length, retailers provide sizing guidelines that match your height to a putter length. These are, however, just guidelines and a good place to start. Although your height is a key factor, your stance, posture and anchor point — with belly or long putters — should also be considered.
Mr. Nicklaus and Mr. Grout knew full well the importance of the basics. Even during his season he would, after three to four tournaments, go back and spend a full day of practice reviewing his grip, stance, posture and alignment.
Andy begins by pointing out that the object is to hit the ball in a reasonably straight line, but that a lot of beginners think that in that case the swing should be directly behind the ball and follow through in a straight line. However, that is not the case. The club does not travel in a straight line, but in an arc. The club is raised behind the golfer’s body so it is not directly behind the ball. As the swing commences it travels down the first part of the arc and – it is to be hoped – connects with the ball at exactly the point where it will send it in the direction we want, and then continues in its arc finishing up above the golfer’s left shoulder (or right, in the case of a left-handed player).
* My Library: all registered users can film their swings or upload existing swing video from their smartphones and label each video with detail re: camera view, club used, ball flight and ball trajectory. Users can search and filter their library by any of these criteria as well as by upload date. Browse your library to study your swing or submit videos for swing analysis when subscribed to one of our affordable subscription plans.
I can identify with new golfer and higher handicap golfers. I am  able to give my students all of the beginning and intermediate skills at a reasonable rate. I will make putting, chipping and pitching easy for any of my students.  I started teaching golf to high school students in 1985 and have constantly built on my skills. 
Long putters are usually between 46 and 53 inches, but can be more or less for very short or very tall golfers. If you’re 6 feet 2 or taller, use a 54-inch putter, and if you’re 6 feet 1 to 6 feet 2 tall, use a 53-inch putter. Guidelines recommend a 52-inch putter if you’re 6 feet to 6 feet 1 tall and a 51-inch putter if you’re 5 feet 11 to 6 feet tall. If you’re 5 feet 10 to 5 feet 11, use a 50-inch putter and a 49-inch putter if you’re 5 feet 9 to 5 feet 10 tall. A 48-inch putter is a good size if you’re 5 feet 8 to 5 feet 9 tall, and if you’re 5 feet 7 to 5 feet 8 tall, use a 47-inch putter. A golfer who is 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 7 tall should use a 46-inch putter, and if you’re shorter than 5 feet 6, use a 45-inch putter.
Another trick to free your mind is to picture the ball going in on the high side of the hole on a breaking putt. Most golfers miss low. For this left-to-right putt (below), I want the ball to enter the cup well left of center.
This section covers the fundamentals of the golf game. Golf tips on the setup and its various elements, the swing itself and its various sequences, as well as golf drills for every part of the swing are all provided.
By anyone’s standards, Aussie Kids Golf Academy in Atlanta, GA is the #1 children’s golf school, focused not only on improving the game, but also on nurturing the passion for the game of golf in our most junior players. Aussie Kids will help your child learn to play golf or improve their game, taking them to the next level. The instructors are passionate about the game and equally passionate about teaching the right skills for your child to succeed. They focus on developing physical abilities, building confidence, improving self-esteem, increasing mental focus and most of all – Having fun!
That’s number one in my book. From there then you can build confidence because your putter face is aiming where you want the ball to go. A lot of amateur mistakes can get fixed if they just have a square putter face and a balanced position at address. With Trackman, 80% of where the ball is going to start begins with where the face is aimed. In putting, it’s probably 99, 98%. So if you can aim the face straight where you want then you can read the greens better because your putts are going to start on the correct line. You might read it left edge, but you have your putter face aimed right edge then the ball starts on the right edge and breaks, then you think ‘man, I can’t read greens’ and then I say ‘no, you weren’t aiming it where you wanted to aim it!’
Doug Hammer is a PGA professional and has experience with golfers of all levels from all over the world. His client list consists of beginners to top ranked amateurs and professional players. His philosophy is simple—there is no perfect swing for everyone. Doug is a student of the game and studies every technique to be able to help every golfer, no matter what they may be working on or learning. In addition to helping grow the game of golf through teaching, Doug is also a Callaway Master Club-fitter, and oversees the Callaway Performance Center at Troon North. It is important to have equipment that fits your game—if you are playing equipment that is not correct for you, you may be able to improve your scores by improving the clubs you play.  Club-fitting is an important part of the improvement process and Doug can help you with any equipment questions you may have or can make recommendations for the best clubs to fit your style of play.
For most golfers, finding time to practice putting is difficult. In fact, it’s no easy task to find time to improve in any area of the game. Therefore, it’s essential that players not only create practice opportunities whenever they can, but also budget practice time to maximize effectiveness and create better habits.
LSgolf offers local golf lessons for all levels of play. This professional has 17 years of experience. Lawrence Sykkmon is a professional who offers golf lessons and golf techniques for you to have a grip on the said sport.

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  1. Hello, some clients of ours would like to take some beginner golfing lessons in Belek this spring. Does anybody know if any of the Belek courses offer such lessons and if so, which ones? Your help would be greatly apprecitated.
    Choose a putting style first, then you can test putters based on what you need for that style. Most disc golfers have one primary putting style and then use one or two backup styles in case of odd situation. Here are the main putting styles and a brief intro to get you started.
    In this video I detail the grip, set up and basic stroke mechanics as well as share a simple drill that will help you to build a strong foundation. Through implementing these suggestions along with a little hard work, you can improve your putting and thus lower your scores.
    I have been teaching for 8 years, and have 10 plus years of tournament experience. My lessons cater to every player, young and old, beginner, advanced or anywhere in between! I will teach you based off of your own body mechanics, and not some generic swing thoughts, because everyone is built differently. 

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