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4. Put into practice the square to square putting method.  With this easy tactic to use the putter, the blade is going to travel directly back, hitting the ball squarely at impact, and finishing at the hole.  As with each technique in the game, the more basic they are, the more consistent you may become.
We can’t promise we’ll make your putting the object of such flowery praise, or that we’ll make you into the next Ben Crenshaw or Jack Nicklaus. But here are 10 tips from various golf experts on how to improve your skills.
Around the green is where better scoring happens. Your Coach works with you to master the many short game shots you will face on the course. With GOLFTEC, you learn to control your contact, spin, trajectory and roll from the fairway, rough, bunkers and fringe.
My hope is to make Practical one of the leading resources that golfers can go to for honest information, but I’m not the only one out there with this goal. Here are other resources that I have learned from personally, and I believe you can too.
David has learned from Golf Digest Top 50 Instructors Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett.  He teaches golfers of all levels, including professional golfers on numerous tours. David uses a proven and reliable system to teach beginners to expert players. Using this system, each students understands the True Fundamentals of Golf, which are demonstrated by the world’s best players.  Hitting the ground in the same spot in front of the ball. Having enough power to play the golf course. Having a predictable shot pattern. Learning these three principles will enable each student to improve
Now available on our site, you can send  up to 4 swings to be analyzed for an online lesson.  We’ll send you back a personal video review of your swing showing you correct motions, and showing you the areas where we think you may need a little help. 
Step 3: If you haven’t already, squat down, then run your eyes horizontally between the coins. In the event the green tilts, you’ll immediately notice that one coin is lower than the other, giving you a clear idea of the direction and severity of the slope.
There is a wide range of prices for golf training products. While it can be tempting to go for the least expensive option, it’s important to look at the overall value. Some products are very comprehensive while others, although helpful, may leave you buying more products to get the golf game you want.
The correct length putter is one that allows you to stand in a comfortable putting stance with your eyes directly over the ball. To see if your standard putter is the correct length, take your normal stance and grip your club. If your hands are down the shaft, the putter is too long, and if your hands are beyond the end, it’s too short. For a belly putter, take your stance with a standard putter and have an assistant measure from the butt end of the putter to your desired anchor point. Add this distance to the shaft’s length to get the correct belly putter length. For a long putter, take a comfortable, more upright stance, and have an assistant measure from your anchor point to the ball.
Our GOLF FOR WOMEN program will teach you everything you’ll need to play golf in just a few lessons.  Each GOLF FOR WOMEN class lasts for five (5) consecutive weeks and provides basic skills instruction as well as information regarding the background of the game’s rules, etiquette and values.  Significant on-course learning opportunities will be part of each lesson.  
3) Body Stability: During the putting motion, it’s imperative that the body remain very still. Any motion will cause your putter path to be inconsistent, which makes solid contact almost impossible. My favorite thought is to imagine a small coin under the ball at address. After my stroke, I don’t look up until I can identify the denomination—usually, this takes a count of one. Keeping your eyes focused on the impact area will greatly limit any tendency to move the body.
That is, they concentrate on “rolling” (not “hitting”) the ball over a spot about 6 inches in front of the ball. They still see the whole putt and visualize it going in, but they use their spot to get aligned. Spot putting helps you move closer to achieving the 4 pillars of good putting (you need all of them to putt your best).
Nowadays it is very common for golfers to use hybrids to replace their lower irons (3-5 irons). Usually hybrids are numbered #3 to #5. The hybrids are easier to hit when compared to the long irons as they have a much wider sole. This means that one can get under the ball more easily with a hybrid. Hybrids combine the elements of woods and irons, making the club convenient for you to hit cleanly.
When choosing them you have to consider your height, build, and strength. If you are tall, you probably need longer and stiffer shafts. You can get standard, mid-sized, and over-sized club heads. Brett recommends over-sized heads for the beginner as they are much more forgiving. He also suggests that you start by getting a putter and a few irons. Your objective is to get used to the correct action: distance should be the last thing to worry about when you are a beginner.

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