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San Diego golf is not complete without a mention of La Costa Golf Resort & Spa, which has seen the likes of Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Lanny Wadkins and Tiger Woods on its greens over the years. The PGA Tour has visited here for more than 30 years, and it was home for many years to the Accenture Match Play Championships.
I think my service stands out because unlike a typical Swing Coach, I think the most important aspect of teaching the golf swing is communication and ensuring that the player understands why I am making the changes/suggestions that I am making during the lesson.  Additionally, I am a former Division 1 Collegiate golfer, and have been a serious competitive golfer for the majority of my life and continue down that path today.
One of the nation’s most recognized junior golf academies, The First Tee, is available in Atlanta! As a recognized leader in teaching junior golfers life skills first then golf, The First Tee embraces a total child development philosophy for children 8 – 17.
If you shot a free throw with your right hand only, you’d realize you need your left hand as a guide. The same is true on the greens: The left hand is the direction hand, and it’s just as important as the right. Practice putting left-hand-only (right), or have someone hold a club in front of your hands on the target line. Bump the grip with the back of your hand, not your fingers, like Dave Jr. is doing.
One common problem with disc golf putting advice is that it is often vague and lacks focus. Many articles providing disc golf tips just list out a load to advice, half of which isn’t even helpful. That’s not the best way to approach putting technique. To help, we’ve structured our disc golf putting advice from start to finish.  We’ll also keep adding more putting tips to this article over time so this page is never outdated.
If the golf club gets a little under or above the plane line as it approaches impact – without being excessive – that is acceptable, writes instructor Andrew Rice. But if you are under the plane line approaching impact, you will be hitting pushes and hooks; too far above the line and you will be hitting pulls and slices.
The top half of your body should be towards a horizontal position, ie your shoulders, neck and back of your head. If you are standing too upright, there is a tendency to direct the weight of your body towards your heels. You should be looking straight down over the ball and through the centre of your eye and not out of the lower part of the eye.
Mark Immelman wears several hats in the golf world. He’s an on-course commentator for the PGA Tour, a college coach, and a swing instructor. He is also the host of one of the best golf podcasts out there called On The Mark. Mark interviews some of the best minds in the golf world, and there are tons of lessons to learn from his interviews. I highly recommend listening to his extensive library of interviews. You’re going to learn a thing or two!
Quality A focus on the core fundamentals (grip, posture, alignment, pivot, and acceleration) provides a solid foundation for improvement. FixYourGame.com has a library of videos and photos demonstrating simple and effective drills and practice techniques. These are included with each lesson and explained in the analysis you receive. No gimmicks, quirky drills, or fads involved in FixYourGame.com‘s teaching methods. We will not sell you anything else, just provide quality golf instruction at an affordable price.
Rod Marshall from the VietUc Golf Academy based at the Phuong Dong Driving Range in Hanoi discusses how course design provides us with risk reward opportunities in this free golf video brought to us by VITV. Book a lesson call Miss Ly 01689 702 584
Corporate and group golf instruction programs are the perfect way to make you business meetings more successful, productive, and memorable.  Or if you are traveling with your group for pleasure, what better way to show your group a great time than treating them to some entertaining and educational golf instruction.  Choose and customize your program from a menu of activities designed to strengthen your relationship with clients, create a memorable experience, and build camaraderie among your guests.  Options include one, two, or three-hour clinics and custom full day and multi-day programs for instruction.  Our PGA professional staff can even provide your guests with a unique and enjoyable golf school followed by a Pro-Am competition or golf outing.
I started out as a recreational golfer in West Trenton NJ , Played my High School golf at Ewing HS and was All-County. Then played for the TSC (Trenton State) Lions golf team. While at college won several events and the passion for golf continued. As a PGA Professional I instruct as would a Coach. I have seen my students rise from shooting 100 all the way into the 80’s. The better players I work with enhance their game. The bottom line, DO NOT BE AFRAID OR DISCOURAGED where you are now. With the right coaching you will enjoy the game more! All lessons I video tape and send email

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  1. Josh Campbell has worked in the golf industry for over 10 years. He is originally from Maine and started playing golf at the age of 3. Josh played college and high school golf and helped his high school team win a State Championship in 1997. From there he attended and graduated from The San Diego Golf Academy with an Associate degree in Golf Management in 2006. Josh has worked for golf clubs in both Maine and Texas; there he had the privilege to work with a variety of golfers of all skill levels. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and son who recently turned two.
    As a beginner I recommend you get a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. These are usually included in your iron set, but if you want to purchase wedges separately then I recommend you look at the Cleveland RTX wedges.

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