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Brian Smith, PGA Golf Lessons is one of the firms that can provide golf swing instruction and putting lessons. They accommodate beginners up to advanced level students. Check out their interesting packages now.
Tucked away amongst the rolling hills of northern San Diego, the Maderas Golf Course has an unusual setting in that it passes between cliffs and rocky outcroppings, along with forestland and creeks. This hilly course has been an award-winner almost since it opened, and along with its 18 holes it offers a 25-station driving range and several putting greens. Pro instructors are on hand for all skills levels.
The driver is the biggest and longest club in a golf set. The driver has a steep face, usually between 7.5 to 13 degrees, and it is usually only used off a tee. Generally a driver has a long graphite shaft to reduce its weight and increase the club head speed. Head sizes for drivers can vary but the largest is 460cc. As a beginner I recommend you get a driver with a loft between 10 and 11 degrees and a head size between 450 and 460 cc. A graphite shaft is also a must have!
Rod Marshall from the VietUc Golf Academy based at the Phuong Dong Driving Range in Hanoi talks to us about course management and club selection from the tee in this free golf video. Book a lesson call Miss Ly 01689 702 584
I am the Head Professional at The Springhaven Club with 14 years of teaching experience. I am a certified PGA golf professional, certified in golf operations, video technology, lauch monitor technology (FlightScope), club fitting (Mizuno & Titleist) and US kids certified coach and 2013 Assistant Golf Professional of the Year (Philadelphia PGA).  When playing at The Springhaven Club it is important to remember that length is not the key. Accuracy and course management rule the day for a golfer to play their best round. With 80+ bunkers, five holes with water hazards
One of the first things that you need to master is your swing. We found a great video by Andy Proudman and Piers Ward which has had nearly four million views. It’s called Golf Swing Made Simple and runs for less than seven minutes.
For all courses involving physical activity you must arrive by the published course commencement time or the tutor may refuse to admit you into the session. The agenda for many courses involving physical activity starts with an OH&S briefing and/or a warm-up and to miss either may create a hazard to you, which might exclude you from participation for the session
Finally, every putt is a straight putt and you must strike the ball with a smooth acceleration so that you control the speed of the ball. Many amateurs either hit the ball with a short backswing and a hurried hit, or a long backswing with deceleration, both of which will cause the ball to veer off course.
You’ll simply pick up the game much more quickly. Golf is not easy to master, and if you want to get good at it, you’ll show improvement much more quickly if you are taught the correct way to play from the get-go.
is a golf coach and golf publisher and lives in Washington DC. He is the founder of Golf State of Mind a teaching program designed to help golfers eliminate negative mental interference and play with confidence.
Tierra Verde was established in 1998 and the facility has a golf learning center that enables beginners to master the art of golf from the best instructors. The driving range features a complex of greenery and has been used for major tournaments. For the apprentices, this is the right place to find PGA instructors.
Michael Jordan • Class A Certified PGA Professional • Graduate of New Mexico State University PGM • Specializes in Instruction of all aspects of the game including, swing mechanics, short game, putting, bunker play, course strategy, and a certified club fitter. • Been teaching the game for over ten years.
Most irons have relatively narrow soles, which are more difficult to hit than wider sole clubs that have more contact with the ground at impact. The best way to identify if irons have a wider sole is to look at the club cavity. A deep cavity will suggest a wider sole. It will also mean that the weight is distributed to the perimeter of the club head, which will give you a wider sweet spot.
Learn to play like one of your favorite professional golf players with the help of Kat Schwendeman. This company will do golf swing training. This coach is patient with his students and uses effective methods as well.
True improvement requires more than a quick fix or sporadic lessons. Rather than overwhelm you with too many changes at once, your Coach focuses on a simple, step-by-step approach to ensure consistent improvement and performance. As each change is mastered, your Coach builds on that to achieve the best swing possible that you can comfortably repeat on the golf course. Sequential learning is the fastest approach to achieve lasting results.
High-level golf is about scoring. The skills include developing a reliable shot pattern, making good decisions on the course, and not wasting strokes around the greens. With our newest video curriculum, you can get an upgrade in all of these areas—and watch your scores drop.
Yes. According the draft (see “8” below) there will only be 24 Rules in the 2019 Rules of Golf (there are 34 now). Please be aware, though, that the 2019 Rules will also be quite complicated and have a lot of text!

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  1. Sonic Golf System-1 – which essentially measures speed and rotation of the golf club and translates it into sound – can help you instill good rhythm in your golf swing, which is an important element, whether your tempo is fast, slow or in between.
    Putting Mechanics (25 Minutes) The goal of a good putting stroke is to consistently strike the ball solidly in the direction the putter is aligned with the proper pace. This is the essence of putting and, accordingly, this will be the biggest part of your putting hour. Concentrate on five main areas.
    Aussie Kids Golf Academy also offers some of the best after-school programs. These program enrich the lives of Atlanta’s youth while they learn the skills of a very competitive game in a fun-filled environment. They have summer camps and winter camps, allowing your child to continue to play and improve their game, in addition to fostering social skills that will last them a lifetime.
    One of the nation’s most recognized junior golf academies, The First Tee, is available in Atlanta! As a recognized leader in teaching junior golfers life skills first then golf, The First Tee embraces a total child development philosophy for children 8 – 17.

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