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Dangle your arms in front of you and clap your hands together with palms facing, before gripping the handle of the putter softly. Ensure the back of the left hand follows through on the line on which you want the ball to roll.
These pros are reliable golf trainers in Rex who offer golf courses and golf training services. Worry no more, the academy in Rex is here to help you out. Dale provides lessons for driving, putting, hazard tips, and many more.
Now the reason I like to do my practice swings before I find my spot, is because if I did them after, I could lose sight of my spot and have to start over, which would disrupt the fluidity of the process.
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Martin Chuck (@tourstriker) is a great online coach. He’s worked with Andrew Rice this last summer and has put together some great videos on youtube. In 2017 he was named a “Top 100” teacher on Golf magazine.
A PGA Professional since 2006, John continues to stay well versed in all aspects of the golf business including golf instruction. His recent efforts in gaining Certified PGA Professional status rank him in the top 2% of all PGA Professionals nationwide in regards to educational certifications. In his career, John has had the privilege of working alongside and learning many skilled professionals and instructors including the Golf Channel’s, Michael Breed (“The Fix”). He works with players of all ability levels and enjoys an approach to teaching that focuses on each individual as an individ
Learn your trade on the driving range before you head for the course. Each range session should include 50 balls and should last at least 30 minutes with two practice swings for every ball. Practice with purpose.
Online golf lessons are cheap and fast. And if you do a search on Google, the choices are extensive.  Getting started can be summed up in three steps — shoot a video with your mobile phone, upload it to the one of many different websites that offer the service and await feedback from a PGA professional of your choosing.  By contrast, working with a local pro requires finding one nearby, booking their time in advance and driving however long to the course for the sake of making a couple of dozen supervised swings in less than the time it takes to bake a cake — usually, for a premium fee.
Look, we get it. Sometimes, you and your swing need a little alone time. Well, Topgolf U’s individual lessons give you and your certified pro a comfortable environment to work on—or discover—your golf swing. We also provide video analysis that lets you instantly see your swing in slow motion. So the next time you’re playing with friends, you’ll be leading the pack.
Lead Instructor Micheal Blackwell has been teaching the game for more than four years, working with many students and teaching 200+ lessons. Prior to working at Topgolf, Micheal was a personal trainer for 15 years. He also served as the golf department manager at two local sporting stores and has worked closely with golf courses in the Allen / Frisco / McKinney area. He is currently working on his PGA accreditation.
This 100 straight putts drill will teach you how to make short putts consistently and take any lingering stress out of those 2 foot “tap-ins”.  Whether you want to admit it or not, when the pressure is on, those 2 footers can start to look a little longer than they do on the practice green.

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